How to Landscape Calgary and Edmonton Yards

top landscapers designWhy should you invest in a landscape design prepared by a landscaping professional in Calgary and Edmonton? We will address this question and several others in this short post about how to landscape in two of Canada’s northern cities.

Many homeowners and beginner landscapers take a haphazard approach to landscaping Calgary yards. They purchase a few shrubs and flowers, build a flower bed along the fence and they are done. At first this method of landscaping Edmonton yards might not look too bad, however after a few months or years the flowers are no longer there and the shrubs are struggling at best. They may also be overgrown and in need of trimming. Aside from purchasing the right landscaping materials, climate also plays an important part of any landscapers landscape design and purchase decisions.

Calgary and Edmonton are two large cities in the province of Alberta in western Canada. They are reasonably far north and receive less sunshine and warmth than many cities in other parts of Canada and the United States. Landscapers need to take into account both the climate, in this case things like chinook winds in Calgary and the freezing temperatures in Edmonton, as well as their own likes and dislikes. Landscape companies Calgary residents agree with say consideration should also be given to the amount of maintenance that will be required to keep your plants and landscaping looking great. Sturdy plants accustom to the growing season is also important.

A professional landscaper takes these issues into account when they prepare a landscape proposal as well as others. Edmonton landscape companies suggests consumers be prepared to show potential landscaping companies a small sketch of their yard, existing shrubs and trees along with any small buildings and other decorations. A landscape design specialist can then prepare a preliminary proposal. This plan will take into account the size of the yard, the existing structures, and how fast the proposed shrubs will grow. Another important point is how large these shrubs, trees etc. will grow once they are mature.

Two final points that all landscapers as well as consumers should consider are budget and value add to your home. From a budget perspective, the landscape design professional will tailor a design that meets the proposed budget available from the homeowner and then work with the landscapers in charge of construction to bring your landscaping dream to life. Consideration is also given to how much maintenance the homeowner will do once the project is completed, or if they will require professional landscapers or contractors to provide maintenance on an regular scheduled basis.

The final point is the value of the home. Street value or curb value can be enhanced greatly in both Calgary and its rival city of Edmonton, as well as most other cities with a super landscape design. An investment in your homes front yard landscaping as well as the side and backyards can add thousands of dollars in value to the sale value of your home. This is particularly important if you are planning to sell your home in the near future.

In summary a professionally designed and installed landscape project will add thousands of dollars to your homes value, provide a great deal of enjoyment to the consumer and will last for many years. Either DIY, or one of the best professional landscaping companies offering maintenance services in Calgary and Edmonton is also available to ensure that your shrubs, gardens, etc. look fresh and manicured every year. Choose plants that are native to these two norther cities to ensure long term success for your yard.

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